Attached is the guide on how to configure the global policy and policy exception

Technologies that are Currently Unsupported or have Known Limitations


Flash is no longer supported in isolation.

Menlo Support Policy for Adobe Flash After it Reaches End of Support in December 2020


WebGL is supported in isolation from 2.81.0.  


WebRTC is a browser native communication API for voice calling, video chat, and file sharing.  It is currently not supported in isolation.

Web Sockets

Sites that use web sockets are supported in isolation but is not supported in proxy mode (allow).  WS:// will not work via MSIP but WSS:// will work when matching a SSL Exception Rule.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are currently not supported in isolation.  Many extensions may work as intended since they operate on the DOM tree, but there is a possibility that some extensions will break.

Client Certificate-Based Authentication

Client certificate-based authentication does not work in isolation.  However, it will work when matching an SSL Exception Rule.

ActiveX / Silverlight

Neither ActiveX nor Silverlight works in isolation.  Both technologies are now deprecated.


Java applets are not supported and will not function in isolation.


SOCKS is not supported. Menlo Security operates an HTTP proxy service for web isolation and an SMTP proxy service for email isolation.