For PulseSecure VPN to obtain the correct IP based on GeoLocation when ZIA Tunnel 2.0 is ON. Specific Configuration require

 1) Both App Profile and Forwarding Profile on PAC require to bypass via FQDN

App Profile PAC

/* PulseSecure VPN Bypass*/

    if(shExpMatch(host, "Customer Global Gateway VPN FQDN"));

    return "DIRECT";

Forwarding Profile PAC 

/* PulseSecure VPN Bypass */

    if(shExpMatch(host, "Customer Global Gateway VPN FQDN "));

        return "PROXY ${ZAPP_TUNNEL2_BYPASS}";

2) The User App Profile require to bypass the IP of the VPN Node 

    Must define it in the VPN Bypass and also include the FQDN of the VPN Global Gateway

   Must define it in the Destination Exclusions