Zscaler does not have Whatsapp predefined Cloud App for Instant Messaging category, so there is some requirement from user who want to block all the online chat but only allow Whatsapp. Ask4key take initiative to do some custom category for this Whatsapp category so that user have more granular control regarding this Whatsapp policy inside their organization.

Some URLs/IP need to do custom defined under URL Categories;





1. To create custom URL Categories, inside ZIA Admin Portal, go to Administration->URL Categories.

2. Click Add URL Category

3. Fill in the required fields as follows. Once done, click Save.

4. Go to Activation Tab, then click Activate.

5. Next, go to Policy -> URL& Cloud App Control

6. Define attributes which will get policy here eg. Users, group, Department. Then, add the custom URL category that we defined in Step(3) under URL Categories. Web Traffic selected as Allow. After done, click Save.

Note: The Rule Order for this URL Category must be higher than the Default Block Policy-Online Chat for this policy to work.

7. Go to Activation Tab, Click Activate.


8. User require to refresh the Whatsapp browser page one more time in order for the session to be restart again thus user can access it.