Zscaler provides arguments for the pac file like shExpMatch and dnsDomainIs for the users to bypass or send traffic to certain Zscaler nodes as well. The URL that usually define like trusted sites which user will going direct to Internet instead going to Zscaler or due to geolocation restriction the sites do not support according to that particular location, so user need to send traffic to other nodes.

Using shExpMatch Arguments

1. The shExpMatch()() function matches either URL host names or URLs themselves. The main use of this function is for load balancing and intelligent routing of URLs to different proxy servers 

2. Parameters as follows;

str is any string to compare (for example, the URL or the host name).

shexp is a shell expression against which to compare.

This expression is true if the string matches the specified shell expression eg.         


shExpMatch(str, shexp)

Using dnsDomainIs Arguments

1. The dnsDomainIs()() function detects whether the URL host name belongs to a given DNS domain. This function is useful when you are configuring the browser not to use proxies for the local domain

2. Parameters

host is the host name from the URL.

domain is the domain name to test the host name against

The statement will be true eg. 

dnsDomainIs("shopee.com.my", ".shopee.com.my")