1. Login in into the Zscaler admin portal and head to Policy > Firewall Control.

2. At the Firewall control page, you could add a new Firewall Filtering Rule by pressing it location on the top left side of the table.

3. A page will appear as the admin could edit the Rule order, Rule Name at the start of the page.

To block a certain network application or website, the user have to click on Services & Applications located at the middle of the page.

4. The admin could select multiple applications to be blocked under the Network Applications list given.

5. To block network services such as UDP or TCP, the admin could choose those under the Network Services tab.

6. After finishing everything, click on done and remember to select "Block/Drop" at the Action tab below.

Click on Save after all has been done.

7. Your Firewall Control Page should be looked like this after setting up the steps above.


8. The admin then could activate the policy by clicking on the Activation key similar to the image below.

10. After activation have been done, every user connecting through the Zscaler will have to pass through the policy.