This document prepares to block the network access.

  • Open the KES Cloud portal. Then Click Security Profiles > Create new security profile

  • Enter the Security profile name. Then Click Create.

  • New Security Profile created. Click the new Security Profile to set the policy.

  • Click Control > Enable Web Control enabled > Settings

  • Select Block access to all website except those specified in exclusions. Then Click setting button.

  • Block the rule. You also can add new web rule to block. If necessary. Then save.

  • Now set the password for KES.
  • Click Advanced > Password protection.

  • Enter the Username and Password (You can create your own). Then select All protection. Then save. (This prevent the user close the KES for browse the Internet.)

P/S: you also can block the device to use the other device such as USB and CD. You can click Control > Device Control enable. Then block all type device.